About Me

Hello and welcome to my personal finance blog! I created this blog to share my thoughts on finance and money, hold myself accountable to my saving and investing goals, and to help readers improve their finances along the way.

My name is Matt Van Metre and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a finance manager working in wealth management at a large commercial bank and have 15+ years of experience in corporate finance. I have both a B.S. and M.B.A in finance, which I funded by leveraging tuition reimbursement programs offered by my employers.  I’m a licensed real estate broker and recently converted a primary residence to a rental, becoming a first time landlord.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been very fascinated with finance and money. As a kid growing up I didn’t receive an allowance so I was always coming up with new ways to earn money like recycling aluminum cans, selling baseball cards, mowing lawns, pulling weeds, washing cars, pet sitting, etc. I was very fortunate to learn about the value of money early on in life. Upon entering college I became very interested in economics, financial markets, and investing. Every morning I would wake up and turn on CNBC to get the day’s financial news and wouldn’t officially start my day until the stock market’s opening bell rang at 6:30am PST (still do!). When I turned 21 years old I opened up a Roth IRA and started contributing to a 401k. I began reading every book and article on finance and investing that I could get my hands on and became a total information sponge. Fast forward to today and my passion and interest around personal finance is greater than ever.

Some of the topics that I’ll be writing about are: budgeting, stocks & bonds, real estate investing, saving for retirement, insurance & risk management, tax strategies, loans & credit, creating multiple income streams, achieving financial freedom, and financial modeling.